Pura Vida Homes is a Spokane green home builder, committed to designing and building sustainable homes where families can live and thrive.

At Pura Vida Homes, we believe that the choices we make during home building should reflect our values of craftsmanship, sustainability and client-centered partnerships. Our passion is working with clients to create innovative and beautiful homes that are truly green. We utilizes energy efficient design concepts and passive home building techniques throughout the design and construction details of each project. At Pura Vida, we’re proud to offer you a custom home that not only saves money on your energy bills, but that saves precious natural resources for the generations to come.


BROWN RESIDENCE: Pura Vida Homes was hired by Nancy and David Brown to build their custom green home along Banks Lake, in Electric City, WA. The 2810 sq. ft.straw bale home was designed by Spokane green architect, Thomas W. Angell. Pura Vida provided cost consulting and technical input throughout the design process. The project was completed in August, 2011. This project was featured in the Grand CouleeStar.

The first thing you should know about working with Pura Vida Homes is that our process is 100% customer focused and client driven. We pride ourselves on being completely transparent about our build calendar, our project budgets, our team and our process.

- Green and energy-efficient custom home building
- Energy efficient home design
- Tailoring of traditional house plans to site specific micro climates
- Green additions and remodels


- January 31, 2011: Down to Earth Northwest - The online publication profiled Pura Vida Homes' sustainable building philosophy and its current energy efficient homes under construction.

- November 3, 2010: The Star, Grand Coulee Paper - The paper featured the construction of David & Nancy Brown's energy efficient strawbale home on Banks Lake.

- September 23, 2010: Spokane Journal of Business - Pura Vida Homes was contracted to install the strawbale infill on the Coeur d' Alene Tribal Housing Authority's multi-family housing project.

- September 12, 2010: 2010 Green and Solar Tour - Pura Vida Homes features the Green Residence in the 2010 Green and Solar Tour.


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